Lemongrass Now Dominates Baltimore’s Food Trends and Wellness

Lemongrass can be found in most Asian countries and this is the reason behind its addition in almost all of the famous Asian Cuisine today. Aside from its medicinal use, lemongrass is now considered a natural ingredient in culinary due to its resemblance to lemons and other citrus fruits. There are countless ways in making use of the lemongrass that half of the world does not know about.

Aside from the fact that it is generally used as one of the main cooking herbs in most of the Asian Cuisine that you have surely tasted, it is also commonly used as an alternative medicine within the region. A number of people have become interested on how lemongrass has dominated today’s world not just as a cooking and medicinal herb but for many other useful applications that everyone should be familiar with.

Food Trends Out of Lemongrass

  • Any cooked food will be best served if you add lemongrass as one of the major ingredients and this has now become a food trend most especially in Baltimore. Lemongrass is the sole reason why the food smells and tastes even more delicious every time you cook it with lemongrass. Baltimoreans nowadays would add in lemongrass to many dishes like curries and soups. Other menus cooked with seafood, beef, pork, chicken or fish will certainly become a hit to almost everyone who loves to eat good food. Even a certain restaurant bears the same name due to high demands and the clamor of many to have some food servings with the flavor of a lemongrass.
  • Lemongrass is said to be quite similar to any citrus fruits most especially the scent and the flavor. This is the reason why some people prefer it dried and powdered so that it can be used as a substitute for a cup of tea especially in countries like Togo, Congo as well as in Mexico. Aside from these countries, Baltimore has adapted drinking a tea with a tang of lemongrass which is now part of the food trends in this city. Having to taste the lemongrass tea in most restaurants, several Baltimoreans started to grow lemongrass at the comforts of their own home which is quite a trend nowadays.

Lemongrass Intake: What’s in It for Your Health and Wellness

Lemongrass can be best described as indigenous plant which is broadly used for alternative medicines. Since this very useful herb has been known to have therapeutic qualities, many people have already proven the effectiveness of such medicinal herb in treating some of the most commonly known health conditions. Lemongrass has created significant advantages regardless of how you would like to take it in. Whether you prefer making a cup of tea out of lemongrass or using essential oil extracts from lemongrass, the same qualities and benefits will still be received by your body.

Lemongrass for better skin quality. Since this herb has been known to have antimicrobial as well as antibacterial properties, lemongrass can get rid of the development of skin bacteria or any other skin microbes on the layer of your skin. This herb can also help fight the presence of skin infections such as Folliculitis and Cellulitis. One good thing about lemongrass is that it can be used as an astringent since it can lessen the pouring of pores and confines your skin from becoming oily. You are about to save more money when you replaced your commercialized astringent by a naturally produced lemongrass.

Lemongrass for Lesser Hair Fall. If you want to make your hair look fuller and naturally free from harmful products and dirt, you can now make use of a shampoo that uses lemongrass as one of the active ingredients. Lemongrass has a lot of helpful qualities that can make your hair much healthier and lesser hair fall.

Lemongrass in Cancer Treatment. One of the major components of lemongrass oil extracts is Citral which is believed to help induce the demise of all the cancer cells in your body. Other vital components of lemongrass are Geranoil and Citronellol which is also believed that these two can aid in the reduction of cancer cells on the body. However, this is not yet medically proven by most doctors and when you decide to take in medicine products with lemongrass, you must consult your doctor for the precise dosage.

Lemongrass Tea for a Healthier Body. A lot of people believe that the distinctive qualities of lemongrass is truly one of a kind that you would feel an immediate calming effect when you intake any product made out of this herb. This is the reason behind the rampant demands of people who frequently drink a cup of tea as a number of which want to be sure that the tea product is totally made from lemongrass most especially in the US. Because of this, Baltimoreans prefer to cultivate lemongrass in the corners of their household just to get the full benefits of such a universal herb.

No other plant or herb that can do all these except lemongrass. That is why; this herb has trended not just within the Asian regions but has dominated all parts of the world. So, what would you like to cook with a tang of lemongrass?